Look around on the internet or TV and all you see are little girls dressed up like Disney princesses. Walk down the toy aisle at any department store, and you’ll be able to identify the girls’ section in less than a second–it’s the sheer wall of pink and purple, princesses and pretty things. The building blocks tend to stay on the boys’ side.  Sure, it could be fun for your daughter to dress up as a princess for Halloween, but what about copying some daring, intelligent women of historical mention?  These could be costumes, or regular clothes, to really make a mom proud.

One mother had had enough with the princess theme.  Princesses, while told they must be kind, make friends and occasionally help out the “hero,” are rarely given the task of solving problems, being smart or excelling in anything other than tea parties.

Jaime Moore, who also happens to be a photographer, looked everywhere for inspirational photos to copy on her 5-year-old daughter Emma.  What she wanted was something more–no pun intended.  She wanted astronauts, doctors or physicists.

Her final choices included styling her daughter as Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Coco Chanel (minus the cigarette), Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall.  These courageous women were worth copying.  This included their style of clothing as well as the hairstyle.  The results are pretty phenomenal.

Emma Coco Chanel

Emma as Coco Chanel
Image: Jaime Moore

The final photographs are really sweet, though.  It’s just Emma as Emma, with a twist.  She’s wearing a pin that says, “Emma for President – 2044.”  It’s worth it to give your daughter lofty aspirations that take guts.  Who better to inspire her than you?

Emma for President

Emma running for President in 2044
Image: Jaime Moore

So, as Halloween rolls around, consider something different this year.  Even if your kid does beg to go as a Disney princess, or worse, Barbie, also suggest to her options that could be way cooler.  Plus, not everyone else will be wearing the same thing.  She will stand out and be unique.  Who doesn’t want that?

If she simply must be a princess, you can always try out the other looks as fun with dress-up. Emulating greatness shouldn’t be limited to a holiday, anyway.

Be sure to check out Emma’s other four photographs on the Jaime Moore Photography website or Facebook page. Let us know which photo was YOUR favorite and why, or suggest other strong women girls could dress as this Halloween.

Thank you to Jaime Moore for permission to use Emma’s photos in this blog post.