Keep Safe

Isabel Chen is trying to help sex workers keep safe.

There is an entire population of people living and working under the radar.  They are often unnoticed and uncared for.  They primarily do their work at night while others are sleeping. They are sex workers, a group who are often abused by pimps or johns.

While some say we should not bother to try to help people who participate in illegal activity (though the johns are also doing something illegal when they hire one of these workers), there are some who care anyway.  Isabel Chen is one who believes that all people deserve to be safe, no matter what their life may be like.

There have been marches such as the Take Back the Night march all across the nation.  That is a march for the safety of all women to be able to walk safely at night without harassment or fear of harm.  Though it is encouraging, it does nothing to directly address the problem in a concrete way.

Chen and her colleagues tackled the issue and worked on creating a panic button for male and female sex workers.  They wanted to make the world a little safer.

To read more about what Isabel Chen and Keep Safe are working to do, check out their full profile.

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