Amy Poehler's smart girls

Amy Poehler is one of the most adored actress-comedians working today, and is often lauded for her quick wit, her writing and producing skills, and the relatable, hysterical roles she plays. Poehler, who is consistently body positive, pro-feminism, and incredibly thoughtful in interviews, is also worthy of praise for another one of her projects: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is an online platform that encourages women and girls to “change the world by being yourself!” Smart Girls evolved from Poehler’s web series, “Smart Girls at the Party,” in which she interviews women from myriad industries and champions their ability to change the world on their own terms. Smart Girls is a space that celebrates women and girls from all walks of life, and encourages them to live authentically by pursuing their genuine interests.

Smart Girls “provides a hub for teens, parents, teachers and fans of all ages to learn, to become part of a greater Smart Girl community, and to participate in Smart Girl Projects,” the website explains. “The website has grown and evolved toward online campaigns to engage followers in volunteerism, civic activism, cultural exchange, and self-expression through the arts.”

amy poehler's smart girls

Poehler, along with Smart Girls co-creators Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, know how important it is to empower young women in all industries. In comedy, women like Poehler and her dear friend and colleague Tina Fey have had to fight tooth and nail to be taken seriously, and to share the stage equally with male comedians. The entertainment industry isn’t the only space that is exclusive of women; it is difficult for women to feel respected in professional sports, journalism, and STEM fields as well. Smart Girls is trying to change this, by empowering women and girls and creating a space where they can follow their dreams no matter what.

“Positive spaces like the one Smart Girls provides are much needed,” the website explains. “It is our hope that you will learn more about your truest self.”

Learn more about this positive, empowering initiative by visiting Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

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