Sage Steele ESPN

ESPN SportsCenter cohost, Sage Steele.
Image: Jeff Kern via Flickr CC

Sports used to be a man’s game. But today, there are plenty of women in sports, whether on the court or off.

When you think of a typical sportscaster you probably think of an ex-football or soccer player.  Maybe you think of a guy dressed in a tweed jacket with his hair in a comb-over to disguise his slightly balding forehead.  Maybe you think of Bob Costas.  However, the face of sports is changing.  Women are showing up in ever increasing numbers and they are kicking butt.

Three women who run today’s game are Kathy Carter, Sage Steele and Charlotte Jones Anderson.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon.  Their jobs run the gamut from marketing to co-anchoring to community outreach.  And, they really all know their sports.

For a few, having a woman in charge may feel strange.  Yet, these three have really earned their stripes.  They come from sporting backgrounds and can go toe to toe with any male athlete or sports fan.  They even offer advice.

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