Kenneth Mehlman

Kenneth Mehlman is a Republican fighting for equal rights.

It’s no secret that most Republicans generally don’t support same-sex marriage. But there are a select few who do, and of those is Kenneth Mehlman, who is an openly gay right-winger. Among a few other prominent Republican supporters, Mehlman says that despite popular opinion, same-sex marriage does, in fact, align with the Republican Party’s values:

  1. More Freedom: The conservative agenda was built on this central concept. And from it grew the Republican Party. Our own Declaration of Independence gives every American the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Marriage is one of the most basic rights, one of the most personal ways to pursue that happiness. If Republicans truly believe in this concept of freedom, shouldn’t it include all people?
  2. Less Government: Republicans are known for their political view that our society should have fewer governmental restrictions. With this in mind, proposing and upholding legislation that takes away and restricts a basic right is far more intrusive than it ought to be. Individuals should have the right, the basic right, to decide who they want to marry—not the government.
  3. Stability, Responsibility, Commitment: Good old-fashioned values are encouraged frequently by politicians—especially Republicans and Conservatives. Allowing individuals who love each other to marry, no matter their sexual orientation, can create loving and stable households within our society. Giving all families these benefits only encourages this stability further.
  4. Individual Liberty: Proposals like the one being voted on in Maine this year would allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license without requiring recognition from a religious institution. This way, members of the LGBT community are allowed access to the multitude of marriage benefits and at the same time, religious institutions do not have to feel like they are being persecuted if they do not agree. It allows each person and institution to function as they deem best without denying anyone their basic rights.

Kenneth Mehlman, recently deemed one of New York’s “Power Gays,” makes some strong points supported by some of the values Republicans claim to hold so close to their hearts. We can only hope that Mehlman and others continue to push the LGBT agenda forward, garnering more support as they move along.