A beautiful brunette woman straddles a man in an aggressive manner.

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When it comes to gender roles, studies show that Americans are becoming far more accepting of non-traditional lifestyles. This is particularly true of Millennials, who are abandoning conventional customs in favor of more unique and unorthodox ways of living. As a result, we now live in a culture that is far more tolerant and open-minded than ever before.

That’s why female led relationships are becoming more common. To be fair, it’s not that they were uncommon before; it’s that the stigma surrounding dominant women forced many men to hide their true desires. In traditional practice, men are supposed to lead and women are supposed to follow. To have it any other way would be taboo.

But as feminists and gender equality activists begin to dismantle these social hierarchies, we’re beginning to see an increase in the amount of men who are openly pursuing female led relationships (FLRs). Flip through the personals section on Craigslist, or hell, read some dating profiles on Tinder, and you’ll soon discover that there are a myriad of men who are seeking strong, authoritative women.

This is great news for both sexes. Why? Because it means that men with submissive personalities no longer need to exert control or project a false sense of machismo—they can act in accordance with their own nature without fear of social rejection. It’s also incredibly liberating for alpha females, who are often chastised for their “overbearing” personalities.

So what does a female led relationship entail? It differs depending on the situation.

In some cases, the woman acts as the sole provider and decision maker. In other instances, she may not work at all—instead her partner will cater to her every need and worship her like a goddess. She may also take control in the bedroom, forcing her partner to serve her sexual needs.

Like most everything else, these types of relationships exist on a spectrum, meaning that some women take on a more mild leadership role while others are far more commanding and controlling. So long as both parties consent to this type of an arrangement, to each their own.