A close-up of an African American behind a fence.

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There’s an alarming number of Americans who believe racism no longer exists. But talk to any person of color and they’ll tell you that it certainly does.

Part of the reason people believe that racism is no longer an issue is because blatant, overt acts of racism such as slavery and segregation have been abolished. But unfortunately, there is just as much covert racism as there is overt.

If you’re a person of color, check out these subtle acts of racism and let us know how many of them you can identify with in the comments below.

1. You’ve been followed around in a store.

You’re being watched like a hawk when you’ve done absolutely nothing to provoke any suspicions.

2. Random strangers touch your hair.

African American women experience this a lot.

3. White people avert their gaze from you.

They avoid all eye contact, as if looking at you is going to start some trouble.

4. People walk across the street from you.

Women clutch their purses. Parents suddenly grab their child’s hand. They walk across the street out of fear you may cause them harm.

5. You’re facing an all-white jury.

If you’ve ever had to stand trial, you notice there little to no people of color in the jury.

6. You’re told you have an “attitude problem” whenever you speak your mind.

White people (especially white men) are encouraged to speak their minds, but whenever you express your thoughts or emotions, you’re told you have an “attitude problem.”

7. Your contributions are overlooked. 

In the work place, others are getting promotions/recognitions left and right while you’re left with nothing… even though you work just as hard if not harder.

8. You’re overly critiqued.

Your supervisor is constantly reprimanding you for the same thing your white colleague does… except he or she gets away with it.

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