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It may sound stupid, childish, or maybe even a little silly, but repeating a word or phrase out loud has powerful psychological effects. That’s because how we speak eventually becomes our belief system and our belief system is what guides our actions. This is a particularly important concept for women and marginalized people to understand.

Throughout history, speech has been used to oppress and control the masses. Those who seek power over others will manipulate their victims into feeling helpless and useless. The only way to break free of this social conditioning is to rewire your brain. The following mantras are designed to help women reset their belief system so that they can live a life of empowerment.

“I embrace my sexuality.”

Whether that means I identify as being straight, bisexual, or lesbian, I unconditionally love and accept myself. Additionally, I love and accept my libido. Whether I’ve had multiple sex partners or zero sex partners, I’m still deserving of love and respect.

“I unapologetically chase my ambitions.”

My dreams and ambitions were given to me for a reason. I’m not going to apologize to anyone for pursing them. Whether that means I have to break off a friendship, sever a family tie, or quit my job, my happiness comes first.

“I trust my emotions.”

If a comment offends me, I have the right to be upset about it. If a person’s actions anger me, I have the right to feel angry. My feelings are 100% legitimate and I don’t need others to justify how I feel.

“I am more than just my looks.”

I have a lot more to offer this world than just my physical appearance. I am smart. I am talented. I am funny. I am caring. I was put on this earth for a purpose that extends far beyond superficial reasons.

“I am strong.”

Strength is more than physical. I’ve already overcome many obstacles in my life and I know that I’m capable of overcoming more. Power is not measured by gender, but the amount of determination in one’s soul.

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