Autostraddle lesbian sex surveyAdmit it: it’s totally fascinating to peek at the bedroom habits of others. Earlier this year, Autostraddle – your source for “news, entertainment, opinion, community and girl-on-girl culture” – conducted a “Lesbian Sex Survey” that solicited thousands of responses on how often women have sex with women.

Writes Riese, Autostraddle’s Editor-in-Chief, “Our Lesbian Sex Survey – open to all women who have sex with women – garnered 8,566 complete responses and gave us heaps of information about your pony-riding habits. One of the things we asked about was how often you have sex, because everybody is f*cking obsessed with how often everybody else is having sex!”

Indeed, this is a question that many people, regardless of sexual orientation, are concerned with. Autostraddle sought to provide some answers to this query, and recently released the results from its Lesbian Sex Survey.

One of the findings is that in an “ideal world” the majority of women said they would have sex multiple times a week as opposed to once a day. Of those surveyed, 7.11% would elect to get down once a week, 3.72% multiple times a month, 0.58% only once a month, and 0.84% less than once a month.

As Autostraddle points out, though, “It’s possible that everybody thinks they want sex a lot more often than they actually do, but it’s also possible that when we imagine an ‘ideal world,’ we imagine a world where we work 40 hours a week instead of 70, aren’t so damn tired after putting the kids to bed, or weren’t struggling with stress or emotional issues that make sex hard to be prepared for.”

If you do want to be having more sex with your partner, you need to have a conversation with them. Finding a frequency that works for the two (or more!) of you can be as simple as the matter of communication as well as scheduling sex like you do for everything else into your weekly routine. Even though it may seem weird, it can lead to a happier sex life for you.

Are there any results from the Lesbian Sex Survey that come as a surprise to you?

Image: via Autostraddle.