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Earlier this month, Out Leadership announced the formation of its new Global Advisory Board, a group of senior leaders who will provide guidance to the organization’s management team for global initiatives. The formation of this Advisory Board means that Out Leadership, an organization dedicated to leveraging LGBT opportunities across a range of industries, will have even more of an impact.

According to the organization, Out Leadership is “a recognized global strategic advising firm that connects leaders across the world’s most influential industries to create business opportunities, cultivate talent and drive LGBT equality forward.” Out Leadership was founded in 2010 by Wall Street heavyweight Todd Sears, who saw a tremendous gap in his industry that LGBT people needed to fill. Workplace discrimination against LGBT people is an ongoing problem, but with organizations like Out Leadership stepping up and pressuring myriad industries to be more inclusive, hopefully this won’t always be the norm.

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Some of the members of the new Global Advisory Board include Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Beth Brooke-Marciniak, the Global Vice Chair of Public Policy for EY, and Peter Grauer, the Chairman of Bloomberg, among others.

“My time in business and government convinces me that teams with a broader array of voices are better equipped to address our complex world,” said political analyst Ken Mehlman, another member of the new Global Advisory Board. “I am proud to stand with the other members of the Global Advisory Board in support of Out Leadership’s important work, driving business and equality forward hand-in-hand,” he continued.

As Dr. Ashley Steel, another member of the Advisory Board, acknowledges, “Unfortunately equality laws alone do not change behaviors,” of the homophobia and discriminatory practices that still permeate many professional settings. “LGBT people still face discrimination in the workplace,” she says. “Working closely with Chairmen and CEOs, Todd Sears and his team at Out Leadership will help make employing organizations a safer and more fulfilling place to be for LGBT people,” of the work that Out Leadership is doing to create a more equal world.

Learn more about this incredible organization and what it is doing for LGBT acceptance and visibility in the workplace by visiting Out Leadership’s official website.

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