November Transgender Awareness Month

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James Stone is a bullying survivor and aspiring activist who is focused on increasing LGBT awareness. He is currently working on creating a YouTube channel that will address issues like bullying, LGBT rights, and equality. Here, he shares some of his thoughts on love and equality.

What does it mean to be a family? What does it mean to love? What does it mean to be equal?

All through history we have watched families fall apart, we have seen relationships fail, and we have seen people go to war over land simply because people want to have something they can own that no one else can take from them.

In history we have seen these things happening through hate and discriminatory situations. Love does not know anything about these situations. Love builds happiness, love builds families, and love takes care of one another during hard times. In the beginning of time we have all had the same goals in our life and that is to find love and ultimate happiness. Finding such things require knowing who we are and what our values are. Take a moment and think about the last time you were happy. Take a moment and remember your childhood, your young teen years when you were a dreamer and you would dream of your future and the person in it.


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The power of love is stronger than anything imaginable. Love can make all things seem tiny little bumps in the road when you have someone there to support you emotionally and be your rock to hold you strong. How many people have taken their lives because they felt alone or lost? How can we sleep at night so peacefully knowing there are people – children, mothers, fathers, and teens – only wanting one simple given right? Equality.

Equality, being able to do as others do, with no discrimination! Religion often complicates equality. We’re often told, “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” When did this simple, pleasant, and peaceful statement get taken away from humanity? Are we choosing now what is right and wrong by the masses that take charge of our lives?

Consider these words: war, anger, divorce, bullying, murder, rape, terrorist, torture, and abuse! When you think of these words what comes to your mind?  Homosexuality? I think not. Think of these words: love, passion, friendship, family, reason, and of course, peace. The LGBT community exuberantly defines themselves with these words and more. We stand for love and peace!

049I read something recently that I find rather interesting: when a same-sex couple wants to have a baby they have to go through so much effort that when they finally receive their child it’s a true gift and a gift they want and treasure with all their heart. That child is brought into a family that truly wanted to have a baby yet so many same-sex couples are denied this opportunity! How many couples of the opposite sex have babies when they are not ready and that child either gets put into foster care or put in an unstable situation? I’m not dividing the couples, I’m simply illustrating how same-sex couples fight for love and family. We make our choices with intention and all we ask is for the same rights as everyone else.

Everyone is created equal, and everyone should have equal rights. The right to love freely and choose our soul mate, the right to marriage, and access to the same benefits and treatment as everyone else. I am confident that one day we will achieve equality for all people.

What do you think about James Stone’s vision of equality? Are you also hopeful that one day there will be equality for all?