Activist, author, and educator Allison Moon
Image: via Kickstarter.com


Allison Moon is on a mission to broaden the reach of sex education. As a sex-positive educator, progressive author, and queer woman, Moon has become increasingly aware of the limited information provided to young people about sexuality and sexual health. Sex-Ed programs are decidedly ineffective in illustrating the expansive range of sexual preferences, options, and intricacies of sex. Heteronormative, abstinence-centric programs tend to be the only kind of education that young people receive, and Moon’s goal is to expand the conversation to be inclusive of trans, genderqueer, lesbian, and curious women.

Recently, Moon successfully raised funds via Kickstarter for the creation of a new book called Girl Sex 101. As its name suggests, this book is an exploratory look at the ways women have sex, with a particular focus on consent, communication, and pleasure. The book is designed to be inclusive, lighthearted, and informative, and features the insights and stories from dozens of sex educators, and “sexy” illustrations by kd diamond.

Read more about what you’ll find inside Girl Sex 101 and about author Allison Moon in our full profile.



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