Carmen Esposito future of Comedy

Jay Leno told Esposito she was the future of comedy.
Image: Shutterstock

Cameron Esposito is a rising-star comedian who recently received quite a bit of media attention after her hilarious performance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. During the segment, heckling guest Jay Leno interrupted her standup comedy routine. Though this may have rattled most up and coming comics, Esposito was skillfully able to improvise alongside Leno and Ferguson, giving her some serious credibility within an extremely discerning industry.

Did we mention that this was Esposito’s first time performing on network television? And that she’s conquering a facet of the entertainment business that has long been known as a boys’ club? Esposito is closing a gap in comedy that many women before her have worked hard to fill by being a female comic, a lesbian, and really, really talented. She is a leader to a more equal world; read more about her here!