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Girls can be geeky, too! (duh)
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Why do some boys think only boys can be geeks?  Why are girls sometimes told they are not “real geeks” or are not “geeky enough?”  Hmmm…who says how much is the right amount and who gets to be a geek?  Answer: not you. There are girl geeks, too.

First of all, it’s pretty exciting that people are actually fighting for the title of geek!  It used to be something bad that people would shun.  There certainly has been an evolution of the use of the word.  What used to mean you were a dorky nerd now means you’re smart and a little kooky, in a good way.  Maybe you can quote Star Trek more readily than Shakespeare.  Maybe you collect comic books or figurines.  Maybe you dress up and attend nerdy conventions. There are all types of geeks out there with a love of sci-fi, anime, or any other manner of “geekdom.”

Sorry boys, but the girl geek ranks are growing every day.  Soon they may even out-geek the guys.  Who knows?

If you are a girl geek who loves particle accelerators, RPG games or is a “kick-ass” programmer—stand up!  Geeks unite!  If you are a guy, geek or not, you are much more likely to get a date if you support equality.  Girls like guys (or girls) who like girls.  Make sense?

We’ll close with some lyrics from the song “Nothing to Prove” and an awesome Geek Girls video featuring the song.

“I’ve got cred but honestly, I shouldn’t need it
This world needs all kinds of folks to complete it
You’ve got gamers, and artists and comic subscribers
Cosplayers, crafters and fan-fiction writers”

“You can stop – never say ‘fake geek’ again
Our club needs no bouncers – all who want in get in
But go ahead, if you want, to own that role fully
I ain’t got nothing to prove to a bully!”

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