Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper came out in 2012, and has become a powerful LGBT ally.
Joe Seer /

Many people know Anderson Cooper from his TV show Anderson Cooper Live or Anderson Cooper 360.  Yet, prior to that he worked in war-torn regions and reported on daily life and tragedies.  Whether you agree with his views or not, he has become known as a tough reporter.

Cooper’s private life was a closed subject for many years.  Cooper wanted to keep that part of his life to himself and asked the media for privacy.  Yet, after much consideration, in 2012, he decided to come out as being openly gay.  While, in the past, that could have ended a career in the media, it hasn’t even slowed Cooper down.  Instead, he has become more popular than ever, and his stardom is still on the rise.

To learn more about Anderson Cooper and how he’s promoting a more equal world, check out his complete profile.

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