Look to the Stars

Far too often, we find ourselves shaking our heads at the latest celebrity scandal or screw-up, wondering how the younger generations will survive with so many negative role models for public figures. However, some have used their claim to fame to do some good and support some great causes, no matter the potential public outcry.

LGBT rights are a hot topic, with many people advocating strongly one way or another.  It seems every day a fire starts somewhere, and the media runs to fan it. But despite the controversial nature of the cause, more and more celebrities, gay and straight, are coming out in support of the LGBT community.

According to Look to the Stars, top celebrities in support of the cause are Anne Hathaway, Hilary Clinton, Cyndi Lauper, Elton John, Alan Cumming, Colin Farrel, and Ellen DeGeneres. The best news is that not only are there many more advocating for LGBT rights but that there are more announcing their support every day.

Some are frustrated by the sudden and strong celebrity support for LGBT rights because they see it as the media forcing people to openly take a side one way or the other. But many others see the growing support as inspirational and a sign that our country continues to progress socially as the years go by.

The hope is that, eventually, we will follow the path that creates equality for all people. But neither should that opinion be hatefully forced upon people, because that’s not really what it’s all about, is it?